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DCR HellCat 9.95 @ 137mph

DCR HellCat of Craig Blossom tuned by Darrell Cox 9.95et @137mph

DCR Street 9 SRT-4

DCR Street 9 Scott Horner DCR 2.6L, DCR Automatic 9 seconds @ 150+mph

DCR Street 9 on Dyno

DCR Street 9 SRT4 715whp with DCR Automatic 

DCR SRT-4 World Record from the Grandstands

Check out the footage from the grand stands and then take a ride in the car to experience the 7.90 @ 188 mph in Englishtown, NJ

DCR SRT-4 World Record

DCR Mike Crawford, 7.90 @ 188 mph, Englishtown, NJ with 2.4L Option B Hard Block  In Car Camera

Dodge Motorsports, SRT Piedmont Test

Testing Dodge Motorsports, SRT, Darrell Cox Racing at Piedmont Dragway

Dodge Motorsports Crawford Burnout

SRT, Dodge Motorsports, driver Mike Crawford "Burnout King", always the crowd pleaser with the burnouts to lay down a run. 

Dodge Neon SRT4 Laying Down Cones

Driver Mike Crawford infamous burnout with Dodge Motorsports, SRT 

8 Second Chevy Cobalt Gardella Racing

Darrell Cox tuned with driver Mike Crawford nailed down 8.17et. 

Red Sled vs. Miller

Kevin Van Nattens Best Run ever (8.83 @168) Vs Chris Millers NRG Tech Civic (8.66 @149) First Ever side by side 8 second passes in OSFWD!!!  

DCR 2.6 SRT4 Jeff GR8 Gazu

 DCR 2.6 Stroker Kit. DCR Pro Series Turbo Kit with a Precision 6765 turbo. DCR Pro Series Intake Manifold Kit. DCR Auto Trans Kit. DCR Coil On Plug Pecil Coils -w- MSD Dis4. AEM EMS Tuned By Darrell Cox. 

DCR Alcohol Twin Turbo Dyno

DCRs biggest mistake of letting go of the HotRod but led to limits of a stock twin turbo manifold and its successor Zigor built for more than 7-sec. Here is DCR shop on dyno with Darrell Cox tune and built. 

DCR R5P7 Dragster Build

Burkhardt Racing, driver Kip Burkhardt, Final Round Win Milan Race... 8.12s- 8.16s all day!!

DCR Ford Mustang Turbocharged

DCR Turbocharged Craig Woods 331 Built with  83mm BorgWarner 22psi on Radials